Eden Agency : Chronicles of a Yorkshire digital agency

We started out as a slightly nerdy two-man band back in 2007 and have since grown into a (still quite nerdy) team of creative, technical and digital experts.


You can find us in Knaresborough- imagine the quaintest of quaint Yorkshire towns. So if you’re knocking about, bob in and say hi… We’ll put the kettle on!


We’re a friendly bunch ya know! We work hard to look after our clients and their brands to build longterm relationships. We can even boast that our very first client is still with us!

We strategise, deliver and optimise- the full shebang!

What We Do

Meet our team

An eclectic mix of geeks, beardy types and really nice people - the Eden group will become a welcomed extension to your team.

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Andy Litherland - Managing Director at Eden Agency

Andy Litherland

Managing Director. Swimmer and serious thinker.
Craig Gilchrist - Commercial Director at Eden Agency

Craig Gilchrist

Commercial Director. Delightfully inappropriate 99% of the time.
Shaun Russell - Designer & Illustrator at Eden Agency

Shaun Russell

Designer & Illustrator. Bearded biscuit lover and ukuleke maestro in training.
Rhi Moxey - Web & UX Designer at Eden Agency

Rhi Moxey

Web & UX Designer. She codes too. Has a cheese and cookbook obsession.
Sophie Hardbattle - New Business & Marketing Manager at Eden Agency

Sophie Hardbattle

New Business & Marketing Manager. Likes boybands, cake and social media. Pretty like a tiger.
Alan Chung - iOS Developer at Eden Agency

Alan Chung

iOS Developer. Award-winning juggler.
Sharif Uddin - Web Developer at Eden Agency

Sharif Uddin

Web Developer. Loves a good cup of tea and being ambivalent about almost anything but tea.
Jordi Sole - Web Developer at Eden Agency

Jordi Sole

Web Developer. One Man. One Laptop. Sometimes is away from the laptop.
Stitch - Office Entertainer at Eden Agency


Office Entertainer. A little cock-eyed but full of doggish charm.
Sohaib Majeed - Web Developer at Eden Agency

Sohaib Majeed

Web Developer. Obsessed with cars. Constantly eating and never feels hot.
Adam Taglietti - Marketing Assistant at Eden Agency

Adam Taglietti

Marketing Assistant. Likes football and sunshine.
Matthew Sorsby - Developer at Eden Agency

Matthew Sorsby

Developer. Likes long walks on the beach and spaghetti for good times.

Fancy joining the Eden Team?

If you have a weird sense of humour and the determination to exceed in development, design, digital marketing or innovation then get in touch!

Please email us your CV and a few words explaining why you are the perfect newbie to the Eden team. Don’t forget to send us your portfolio (if you're the creative type)!

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