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A quick(ish) guide to Scaleable Vector Graphics

By Rhi Moxey

What is an SVG? A scaleable vector graphic, or an SVG as they are more commonly known, is a single/series of basic shape elements. In layman’s terms it’s a type of image format, like JPG, PNG and GIF.

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How to build a material design prototype using Sketch and Pixate - part one

By Mike Scamell

Part one of a three-part tutorial on building a material design prototype. This section focuses on creating a simple login page using Sketch.

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January 2016 campaigns - The weird, wacky and wonderful

By Sarrah Ahmed

Take a look at our top 5 marketing campaigns of January 2016!

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We're Hiring - Account Executive

By Sarrah Ahmed

We're looking for another member of the Eden team! Could you be our Account Executive?

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