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A quick(ish) guide to Scaleable Vector Graphics

By Rhi Moxey

What is an SVG? A scaleable vector graphic, or an SVG as they are more commonly known, is a single/series of basic shape elements. In layman’s terms it’s a type of image format, like JPG, PNG and GIF.

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This Valentine's Brought To You By After Effects

By Shaun Russell

A tutorial that details how to use Adobe After Effects and Adobe Photoshop to create and export a short animated Valentine GIF

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Who is HAL?

By Matt Rees

API First is a leading project methodolgy aimed at saving time and money by determining what your system can do and how it shares its data first meaning new and existing products can quickly connect to your system. Using API first and HAL we look at how to simplify and standardise sharing data around your digital strategy

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Language Changer: in-app language selection in iOS

By Alan Chung

Many apps on the iOS app store have the ability to change the language independently of the language setting of the device, but this is not catered for in the standard iOS localisation features. Carry on reading to find out how to change the language of your app independently of the device setting.

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RowAdapter - Android Adapters Made Simple

By Luke Deighton

RowAdapter is an Open Source Library to simplify writing code for adapters. It aims to provide a bridge between the old and the new, an "Adapter of Adapters". It provides a common API to work with the various Adapter implementations. It also provides further encapsulation by handling View Types meaning that your Adapter Code can be reused in one or many different adapters without the need to worry about View Type Counts.

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