Alternative Social Media Platforms For Your Business

Sophie Hardbattle By Sophie Hardbattle

Conventional social media

Although a lot of big businesses are rocking all types of social media, most smaller businesses dip their toes in by starting with the basic few: Facebook, Twitter and maybe LinkedIn or Instagram. Once they feel like they’re on top of their game on those platforms, they may branch out to others: Google Plus, YouTube or Pinterest. That is where a lot of small businesses start and end their social media escapades. However, you shouldn’t limit your company to just those social networks! Reaching out and exploring newer social media can be very beneficial!

Benefits of using alternative social media platforms

The most obvious benefit would be that they allow you to access more potential customers through a wider reach. The main point to consider before investing time into a new social network is whether your target demographic will be using it.

Because a lot of the platforms are fairly new, they offer a way to be creative with your promotional methods. The fact that you are doing something that others may not be, in a bid to engage with more people, will look quite impressive. If you take a risk and work with a new platform, and it works well, it could help to show that you’re a thought leader in your industry.

What are these alternative platforms?

There are always new, up-and-coming platforms to venture into. Here’s a look into some that you may consider for your business.


Snapchat isn’t exactly new but in the last year it has become quite a popular marketing method for bigger organisations and companies. In case you aren’t aware, Snapchat is an app on mobile and tablet, which allows users to send photos and videos to one another for a limited amount of time.

The application is primarily used by teenagers and young adults so if they are your target audience then this could be a brilliant platform for you. If they aren’t, don’t worry, it could still be a great platform. For example, General Electric started using Snapchat mid last year to promote special addition trainers that were released to celebrate the anniversary of the moon landing.

If used correctly, this can be a brilliant way to advertise and promote your business. There is a function within Snapchat that allows you to create a story, by creating a stream of photos and videos. This can be a brilliant way to tease customers about new products or even to just have fun and show your company’s personality.


We’re pretty sure that the whole world (and his dog) have seen the six second long videos splashed all over Facebook and Twitter. Well, incase you didn’t know, they come from Vine! Vine is a website and app that allows people to post videos that are (you guessed it) six seconds long.

We really like Vine as a promotional method because it can be done well with minimum money spent and a bit of creativity. Because it’s only a very short video length, no one would expect a massive production. It’s a brilliant way to add a bit of humour to your brand and engage with people in a different way. It can also be used to allow customers a quick insight into your company.

A company that is very popular on Vine is, the American Mexican food brand, Taco Bell. For the most part, it doesn’t look like they spend a huge amount of money on the videos, but they do them regularly and with quite a lot of humour and they regularly share their Vines on other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. They currently have over 165k followers.


Okay, we KNOW that Tumblr is neither new or unheard of. It’s a really popular social media site and a lot of big companies and organisations are using Tumblr really well. But what we’ve found is that many of the smaller companies don’t dare to endeavour onto the site.

Many also think that Tumblr is only for teenagers, which isn’t strictly true. Although a large part of the user base is made up of teens, Business Insider released a report that shows young adults also use the site.

If you think your business would not fit on a site like Tumblr, then you may need to think again. Although companies targeting younger people do prosper, it is not the only type of company that does well. If you offer a service that can be displayed in an aesthetically pleasing way i.e. interior design or in an industry dealing with food, then your business could also be popular on the site.

IBM is a company that you wouldn’t necessarily expect to be on Tumblr, but it is and it posts regular engaging content.

And more!

It doesn’t stop there, there are loads of platforms you can explore, such as Keek or Reddit. The world’s your oyster!

What to do first, is to analyse your customer base and find out where they are likely to be. However, don’t just limit yourself to where you think they are, being on social media isn’t only a tool to attract customers but to increase brand awareness too (like IBM is doing on Tumblr, or General Electric on Snapchat).

If you are keen to start on the more popular and well known platforms, but don’t know which ones, then we have written a blog for you: ‘Choosing the Best Social Media Platforms for your B2B Business’

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