Content Ideas For First Time Tweeters and Facebook Novices

Sophie Hardbattle By Sophie Hardbattle

So, we’ve helped you decide what would be the best social media platforms for your business, so now it’s time to decide what to actually post… It can be hard; you’re all ready to start sharing your wisdom with the masses, but absolutely nothing comes to mind. So we’ve put together a few different types of post, which will help you on your voyage to becoming a social media legend. These include links to your blogs, info-graphics or videos. It may sound easy, but when it comes down to it, many first timers can be stumped!

Just a quick disclaimer: you don’t have to do any of these suggestions if you don’t feel like they suit what you’re trying to portray, if you have other ideas that you’re more comfortable with, then go for them. This is for those who just don’t know where to start!


Most business owners are dabbling into the ‘bloggersphere’ and finding huge benefits; it helps to establish authority and, above anything else, drive traffic to your site. So, if you’re not doing it; I would suggest that you do!

Once you start blogging you can then use this to drive traffic to your social media, notice at the bottom of our blogposts we often remind our readers to follow us on our various social platforms. The blogposts you have written can also be used as post topics, you can:

  1. Ask for opinions, to be used in the blog, prior to it being posted.

  2. Let your followers know the blogpost has been posted. EG:

Eden Tweets

  1. Tweet a summary of your view on the matter, or some facts beforehand, to introduce the topic.

The thing to be careful with here is not to over do it. Don’t let the majority of your Twitter or Facebook posts be linking back to your domain or blog, there’s nothing more disheartening than going on to a businesses twitter feed and it just being the same content from ‘head to toe’.

You also need to make sure that your blogs are offering something, whether that be knowledge and authority or showing off your brands personality and voice. It may be that you need to think about the delivery of your content, will you display your opinion via an article, info-graphic, image or video.


A nice way to get some interaction, is to make your post stand out. How will you do this? Well, there’s various ways, but the most attractive (depending on how it is done) is imagery. When your follower is scrolling down their news feed or timeline, the posts that include images often stand out by far:

NSA Tweets

A nice way to use imagery in a tweet, is by displaying your information via an info-graphic. An example of a great info-graphic is this one from NASA:

NASA Tweets

You could also post videos or GIFs too. If the post is eye catching, then people will be more inclined to open it and read it. Don’t be misleading though, don’t tell them that the video will show them something that it doesn’t or that the info-graphic will be about something that it isn’t; that will just make your profile look (and be) spammy.

Staying Relevant

What’s going on in the news at the moment? Is it linked to your industry? Posting about topics that people will already be talking about is a sure-fire way to get people interacting with your content. However, when commenting on social affairs, you need to make sure that it is relevant to your business, and you’re not only discussing it to get likes. The main point is to engage with your potential customers or followers and show them that you know what you’re talking about, i.e. that you have authority in the field. If you are only posting about a subject because everyone else is, then it may seem a bit ‘like-hungry’ and disingenuous. But if it does suit your business, then fire away! Add a bit of your brands personally into your posts and share your opinion (obviously as long as it isn't too provocative or controversial).

A brilliant feature of Twitter is the ‘what’s trending’ box to the left of your timeline. It let’s you know what people are talking about. You can change this function, so it shows appropriate trends either by location or to be more tailored to you and what you're interested in. I suggest the ‘tailored to you’ function, so you can see what the people in your industry are talking about. Once you know what people are talking about, and what hashtag they are using, you can then join in on the conversation!

Think Outside of the Box

To make your business stand out against its competitors it’s great to do something that they’re not (but if they’re doing something brilliant, then maybe learn from that too).

What I mean is, find a way to be of more use to your customers… More of a RELEVANT use to your customers. The Philippines branch of Kit Kat do this really well on their Twitter profile:

KitKat Tweets

By giving their followers serving suggestions, they’re supplying them with nice imagery and an incentive to buy the product, it’s also a more interesting way to advertise than the plain old ‘here’s what we sell, please buy it’

Stick to Your Industry

If you were to take anything away from this blog; the most important point is to stay relevant to what your business is about (as I have already mentioned- it’s that important I’m saying it twice). The majority of time people have liked your page it is because they like your products and they want to keep up to date with it, or receive offers about it. People also tend to like pages on Facebook, or follow on Twitter, because they find the profile funny or interesting. Your posts need to find the perfect balance, there’s no point in posting something that will get loads of likes or favourites, if it doesn’t lead them to your website or tell them anything about what you do. There’s no harm in the occasional fun tweet about something on topic in the news, but some people may find it odd- especially if your brand voice tends to have more of a serious tone.

Have you got any more tips for social media novices? Please share them with us!

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