Curtis Furniture’s New Website: A Beautiful SEO Friendly Site

Sophie Hardbattle By Sophie Hardbattle

We mentioned briefly in our last blogpost, ‘Eden Agency- A year in review’, about the newest website that we launched for Curtis Furniture. In this blogpost we will give a more detailed view of the project and how we worked closely with Vikki (from Curtis) to achieve brilliant results.

A bit about the client

Curtis Furniture are an established hotel furniture manufacturer and supplier, based in Leeds. The business has a heritage spanning over an impressive 150 years- so are well experienced in the trade. Find out more about Curtis Furniture’s history.

About the project

When Curtis first came to us in the Summer of 2014 they had a lot of ideas about where they wanted to go with the new website. The main reason for wanting a change is that the old site was outdated in almost every aspect. The website was inaccessible on mobile or tablet, the design wasn’t up-to-date (neither was the branding) and the content was lacking and no longer represented Curtis Furniture’s full offering to their clientele. The old site wasn’t optimised for SEO either: there was very little search engine friendly content and they had a lack of meaningful analytics so couldn’t refine and change the site in order to improve.

By investing in a new site, Curtis Furniture hoped to gain new opportunities and leads. To achieve this we have put a lot of effort into SEO and digital marketing. The site was fully optimised to target potential clients and the keyword phrases that they would use. We’re also currently working with Curtis to develop a digital marketing plan in order for them to effectively use social media, the ‘News’ section of the site and Campaign Monitor for newsletters.

Vikki was also keen for there to be a function put in place so she can easily add or remove pages/products to or from the site- i.e. keeping the content up to date. To do this we created module templates in the CMS, so she can add the modules to create the page structure with ease.

The main aim of the new website was to have something that they would be proud of and want to direct their potential clients to. They wanted the site to represent the company’s brand and identity in a way the old website didn't.

Content content content!

Any SEO expert can tell you the importance of the content in a website… As can any SEO novice. It’s clear that special care has to be taken with writing it up, in order to achieve success on the SERPs.

Here at Eden, we’re very keen to follow a ‘content first’ approach. Our whole planning process, of creating any website, is dependent on what components/material/text goes where and whether that would create a smooth user experience. The procedure we follow meant that, even in the very beginning stages, we were getting Curtis to think critically about their business, website and customer base. We asked questions such as, ‘Who was a typical customer?’ ‘What were they looking for on the website?’ ‘What terms would they type into a search engine in order to find you?’ The list of questions goes on. We really wanted for us and Curtis to have a clear view of exactly who they are and therefore what their website needs to represent and offer. Once we know that we can then make informed decisions on the personas, the user journeys and the pages that will make up the site map.

After everyone fully understood the business, the site and the purpose of every page within the site we could then move onto writing the content- huzzah! We guided Vikki through this every step of the way. She started by determining the keywords or phrases of each page and then using them to build up the meta data and page content.

After all of this was completed, Rhi could then move onto designing the site!

A responsive web design

We were really lucky whilst in the design process of this new website because Curtis Furniture had a large catalogue of beautiful imagery for us to use- we were spoiled for choice! The imagery really does lift the site and brilliantly portray the standard of Curtis Furniture’s products. An ImageGen plugin was also applied to the site so the images are dynamically resized for every medium that they are on. We also used a parallax effect on some of the images to add a bit of extra flare to the site but in a subtle way.

To make the site suitable for every platform Rhi, our web designer, created a lovely responsive design. The website now looks sleek and professional on every platform.

We are very pleased with the end result and we believe the site is now far more modern and up to date than the original. Arguably this makes Curtis stand out from a large amount of their competitors and shows that they mean business!

And as for the results

Obviously we’re happy with the site- we created it! But the analytics from Google and Moz also speak volumes.

Since the new site has launched, Curtis has seen bounce rates to the site decrease by almost 75% and the average time being spent on the site has increased by eight times the original amount. The amount of keywords that Curtis are ranking on pages one to ten in the SERPs is also increasing week on week.

These results are a clear indication that the site was optimised well in terms of SEO and the correct keyword phrases are targeting the right people.

We are extremely happy with these results, especially as it has only been about a month since the site was launched. Usually it takes much longer for Google to recognise the site as an authority and for those results to be seen.

“The team at Eden are an absolute pleasure to work with. They are very well informed about the latest developments in digital marketing - and are always happy to offer advice and guidance when needed. The website they've delivered for Curtis Furniture is beautiful, effective and future-proofed. Highly recommended” – Vikki Scott, Curtis Furniture

Take a look at the new Curtis Furniture website!

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