Deciding The Topic of Your Business’s Blog

Sophie Hardbattle By Sophie Hardbattle

As time goes on, more and more companies are realising the benefits that come with spending a little bit of time and money on blogging. These benefits include boosting SEO results, showing authority and providing an opportunity to start developing relationships with potential customers. However, knowing the benefits doesn’t make it any easier to think of a topic or starting point!

Know Your Aims

We know that you’re sick of hearing it- but you need to know your business’s aims of why they are doing everything that they are, in a digital marketing sense at least. Once you know the aims, you’ll then be able to tailor your blog to achieve them. For example, if you want more enquiries for your products, then you could write about any ranges that may have recently been released.

Analyse What You Have Done

This point isn’t necessarily for the first time bloggers, but the people who are stuck in a rut, and can’t think of any more topics, on top of what they already have written.

What worked in the past?

Go through and have a look at your most popular blogs, see which ones have the highest paige views on Google Analytics and look through the comments; which one sparked the biggest reaction?

What didn’t do well?

As well as seeing what worked, have a look at what didn’t too.

Learn from this

Once you see what has been popular and what hasn’t been, analyse those blogposts. Make some decisions on why they did so well, or not so much; was it the topic, the writing style or the timing of the post? Learn from these findings and apply them to your next blog. Don’t make the same mistakes as you did in the blogposts that you aren’t as happy with and try and make it as good as your favourite ones. However, (obviously) you mustn’t just copy from past work. If you believe it was the topic that helped with the success, then think about different ways that you could explore this topic, is there anything else that you could offer?

What is Being Searched?

Who are you writing your blogs for and what do you think they want to find out? You can use your personas to decide this. You can also look at the questions that you get on Facebook, Twitter or when potential customers ring up. Do you often get asked advice on a particular subject? If so, it might be an idea to answer peoples questions in a blogpost!

Rather than seeing what is being searched, you can see what people are taking about via the ‘What’s Trending’ function on Twitter. If there’s anything relating to your industry or business, and you write a blogpost on the matter, it is likely to gather more views. If gaining traffic to your site is an aim of yours, then this may be an effective way to do so.

What Would You Want?

When deciding what people are wanting to know, or what is being talked about, you need to be careful not to be biased. Many people write about something that they find interesting because everyone else must want to hear about it, right? No, not necessarily.

That being said, there are exceptions. Is there anything that you struggled with in the past? You could write a blogpost that sheds some light on how you now go about completing this difficult task. Find the balance between writing about something because you like the topic and writing about something because it will be helpful to those who read it.

Show Your Expertise

Show off a little bit! Tell people about your products or your service and how brilliant they are. Talk about topics in your industry that you can shed some light on. Be informative and helpful. The main aim of most blogs would be to show off expertise; prove that you’re the one potential customers should be coming to.

Hopefully reading this will help spark some inspiration and you’ll be writing dozens of blogs in no time. If you have any sure fire techniques of deciding blog topics, let us know!


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