Eden Agency Launch App for E-Recruitment Platform,

Sophie Hardbattle By Sophie Hardbattle

Today marks the launch of an innovative new app that we have been developing for digital interview savants ''. is a fairly new video interviewing platform, just think; your average interview but better and more futuristic.

The company was first founded in 2011 and was born out of frustration with inefficient and outdated methods in which job applicants are assessed. They started off with just a concept that soon blossomed in to a web application that gave companies the platform to shortlist possible applicants.

The platform works by enabling a company to invite the possible applicant to a digital interview via email. Once the applicant responds to the email he/she is taken to the web-app. The company has numerous preset questions for the applicant, that have to be answered within a time limit. The answers are recorded through the website and sent directly to the company in question.

When first came to us they knew that they wanted an app, as they wanted to make something that improved accessibility to the platform and enhanced the user experience on mobile devices. Another reason for wanting an app is that they wanted to be more accessible to younger applicants. Being more accessible to younger applicants would then open their doors to other clients who largely hire younger people, such as companies in the retail and hospitality sectors.

Whilst designing and developing this product we were aware that there may be some issues concerning the use of the camera. When combining the need to press buttons on the screen and recording with the camera there may be some issues with blocking the camera with the users hand. To overcome this our designer and developers worked hard to create a dynamic layout and a responsive design and we believe this has been achieved.

This is Alan’s first project since coming back to work with us again- first working with us in his placement year. The team at Shortlister were really happy with how the app turned out and hopefully the companies who use the platform will be too.

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