Eden Agency’s Day at The Digital Marketing Show 2014

Sophie Hardbattle By Sophie Hardbattle

The Digital Marketing Show is a 'resource for marketing professionals' from around the UK. Throughout the two day event, that ran last Wednesday and Thursday, we were welcomed to watch a number of talks from pros in the industry. There were also stalls around the event, where other digital agencies had the opportunity to discuss their businesses (and give out free pens and sweets- if that's not a reason to go, then we don't know what is).

We went to Thursdays event, and a lot of the seminars that we went to emphasized the importance of creating great 'shareable' content, and how to do this.

What Does Your Content Say About the Person Sharing it?

The first seminar we attended was 'Shareable Content- What makes shareable content and what makes a great viral campaign' in the Content Hub. The talk was given to us by Rory Ahern and Tiffany Maddox, from Rubber Republic. Side note: This was a brilliant talk and gave a great insight on what to think about when creating content (in particular videos).

Our favourite quote from the day came from this this seminar: 'What does your content say about the person sharing it'. Once you start thinking about this, it opens many more avenues of thought. You may be inclined to start thinking about what they are trying to achieve from sharing your content- maybe they are trying to be funny or helpful. Knowing this may help with the development of the content. Rory also explained what he tries to achieve when creating something shareable. It needs to be 'Authentic, Remarkable, Surprising and Entertaining' (he gave a very helpful acronym to help us remember).

Another interesting point was given to us from Tiffany; she discussed the importance of using different social media platforms to target the different people in your target demographic. The example she gave was the way the popular American diner, Denny's, used their Facebook to target families and their Tumblr to target teenagers.

As you can see, the posts on Tumblr:

Denny's Diner Marketing Post

Denny's Diner Syrup Joke

Are different to their Facebook posts:

Kids eat free Denny's Facebook Campaign

There's Too Much 'Silly Content'

The next seminar was by Robin Bresnark, from Buyapowa, in the Social, Search and Mobile Theatre. Robin discussed how social media could (and should) be used and also what you shouldn't be doing on your company's social media pages. He also detailed what not to do when posting on your company’s social media pages.

Robin explained how too many companies are relying on ‘silly content’. The example given to us was from a big American supermarket, who, one Friday afternoon, posted a picture of a pug, with a caption about how it’s almost the weekend. Robin explained how this type of post did nothing for the brand. People follow them on social media because they like the products that the companies have to offer, not because they like pugs.

Although we completely agree with Robin, we do feel that the silly stuff can be refreshing and fun too. The main point that we would add to this discussion is to always make sure the content is relevant to your company and stick to the brand's voice. If your company has a funny sense of humour associated with it, then play on that- however, if your company is more serious, then maybe steer away from the sillier posts. Everything you post should have a purpose- not just to increase likes.

The Next Generation of Search

We then had a bit of a wander and went to a few more seminars. One seminar that was particularly insightful, was from Andrew Isidoro, in the Social Search and Mobile Theatre. Andrew discussed 'The Next Generation of Search'.

This seminar really stressed the importance of creating content for your target demographic, and therefore knowing who they are, where they are, how they’re interacting with your content… You need to know everything!!

Once you start creating your content this way, you needn’t worry as much about how changes in search will affect the amount of traffic entering in to your site. Google are always updating and evolving to put the web-user first, so if you’re already doing that, then their changes should affect your website less.

Knowing Your Customer Helps to Create High Quality Content

In almost all of the seminars we attended, the focus was almost always on high quality content; whether that be on your website or on social media. The quality of the content depends on its purpose and whether its fulfilling that purpose. You may be able to create hilarious looking GIFs, but does that really do the job you’re wanting it to do, or are your customers even going to appreciate it? Once your content is exactly what you want (or need) it to be, then everything else should fall in place.

Another focus of discussion was on knowing your customer. Knowing your customer lets you know 'where to be' i.e. what social media platforms to market to them on. It also allows you to make quality videos, images and articles that will appeal to them and have a higher chance of being shared.

If you’re contemplating going to The Digital Marketing Show in 2015 (hopefully there will be one), then we 100% suggest that you go. It was a really insightful day, and was really interesting to hear what other professionals think about our industry.

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