How to engage with your audience on social media

By Sarrah Ahmed

According to Social Media Examiner’s 2014 report, 89% of marketers wish they had more insight into various tactics that can be deployed to engage with audiences on social media. So we’ve pulled together some simple tips to help increase engagement on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… Most social media platforms!

The below 5 tactics listed are a snapshot of what we regularly try at Eden Agency, from one digital marketer to another:

*(Or you can take a look at our infographic that has 5 more additional tactics)

1) Incentivise your content

Giving incentives to your followers is a great way to increase engagement. It can be as simple as asking your fans to answer a question, watch a video, like and share for the chance to win a prize.

**Keep the prize relevant to your brand and overall content story. *

2) Great content informs & entertains

This is not necessarily an easy tactic but it is definitely an effective one! Think about what a user will want from a businesses social media page- information or entertainment. Review some of the top brands on social and you will see a distinct style of writing and tone of voice.

*Warning: humour is subjective so check your content with peers before sharing!

3) Partner up with similar brands

Partnering up with complementary businesses on social media is a tactic we regularly use to not only increase engagement but increase followers too. For example, Auntie Annes UK will work with local businesses and/or businesses that offer complementary products - think pretzels and ice cream.

4) Ask your audience what they want

If you keep trying different tactics and posting various types of content with little engagement, why don’t you ask your followers what they would like? By organising a simple poll, you can ask direct questions to determine the type of content they would like to see more often.

5) Try paid advertising

This isn’t going to be the most popular tip but it is one that works (if done properly). You don’t have to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds, even a small budget can do the job! It would be worth testing out a few different paid campaigns and seeing which one is most successful- this will ensure you’re making the most of your money in the future!

And there’s more…

Want some more social media marketing tips? Take a look at our infographic for five more tactics!


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