How to Start Creating a Social Media Campaign

Sophie Hardbattle By Sophie Hardbattle

January is the unofficial month of "New year, new me” so why can’t that be the mantra for your business too? Obviously I’m not suggesting closing up shop and starting your new life on the coast of some exotic country (or wherever). Let’s start small aka a new social media campaign/your first campaign! Don’t worry, we understand that it’s a big job so we’re here to help you decide what will work for you and take you through the beginning stages.

When should you launch a campaign?

That is completely up to you and you’re business’s schedule. You need to make sure, to ensure as much success as possible, that enough time and effort is put in to creating a polished campaign. If you do have limited time then pop on over to our blog ‘Planning Your Christmas Campaign in a Short Amount of Time’. It’s leaning towards a Christmas campaign but can be used all year round.

It’s a popular convention to run a campaign or competition during various seasonal celebrations, like Valentines Day, Halloween or Christmas. They also work well to support the launch of a new product or reaching a benchmark in the business’s history.

When is a good time to start planning?

To make sure you have enough time to get every little detail sorted, you need to start preparations as soon as possible. We recommend planning your campaigns in quarterly sections, for example:

1st Quarter

  • January- New website
  • February- Valentines Day
  • March- Mothers Day

It is, of course, up to you how many campaigns you have in a quarter. We would suggest at least one small one and at most three. Although running a campaign is a great tool to increase brand awareness, you mustn't swamp down your followers with too much. It’s much better to have one perfectly thought out and polished campaign, than three messy, complicated campaigns. It may also be the case that one campaign could run for the whole quarter or two or maybe even the whole year.

How long should a campaign run for?

This depends on who your campaign is targeted at. You will need to put a little bit of time aside to determine who your audience is and what they would expect or respond to.

In terms of a 'traditional' campaign length, there isn't really a set norm. It usually would depend on a few things, the audience, your confidence in the campaign and how important the event, that it is celebrating, is to your business.

This depends on who your campaign is targeted at. You will need to put a little bit of time aside

What to think about before hand

Before you actually decide what campaigns you will run, we suggest making two or three goals for each quarter. They don’t necessarily have to be different straight away but if your previous campaign was successful then it’s likely that they will change. An example of what your goals may be are: - Promote the new website - Create contacts - Increase followers on Twitter to 3000

Once you create the aims it becomes easier to think of suitable campaigns.

What must a great campaign include?

There are no set rules to a great campaign. It all depends whether it fulfils its purpose. Obviously, some campaigns stand out from the others. It is good to think outside of the box and not to just copy all the others out there, whilst at the same time, not overcomplicating things.

It also depends on what your target audience, for the campaign, would engage with and respond to. Many businesses go all out on a massive integrated campaign and splash the cash on a web app, and it can look impressive. However, there is no point doing this if your audience wouldn't take part.

Benefits of a successful campaign

  1. Increased brand awareness: Campaigns tend to generate conversation and increase the buzz surrounding your business. If more people take part or talk about it, then more people will end up hearing about the campaign and therefore your business.
  2. Increased sales: If more people are hearing about your business, then more people will think about it when they need a service or product you provide.
  3. Increased traffic on your website: social media often acts as a halfway point between potential customers and your website. Without social media, your website is limited to those who already know about your business or those searching for keywords that you rank well for. More people accessing your social media through the campaign = more people accessing your website through your social media.
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