Introducing PowerUp

Sophie Hardbattle By Sophie Hardbattle

An off the shelf virtual reality solution

PowerUp is a solution that offers customisable virtual reality experiences, specifically designed for the event industry. We aim to give exhibitors the luxury of a branded experience and digital world without the cost of a bespoke product.

Eden Agency started as a mobile development agency — over ten years ago, in fact — when we placed ourselves right at the centre of the ‘app boom’. Since then we’ve always aimed to get stuck in with new and exciting tech trends such as proximity beacons, chatbots and virtual reality.

Over the past year or so, we have noticed a huge surge in companies contacting us about their own virtual reality experiences. Most wanted an attraction for an event or roadshow and usually asked for something low-cost and bespoke. As you can imagine, low-cost and bespoke don’t often sit together nicely.

That’s when we had a brainwave - we decided to create off-the-shelf virtual reality experiences and games that can be customised and branded (a.k.a PowerUp).

With PowerUp, exhibitors and event organisers can:

  • Download engaging virtual reality titles, perfect for stand engagement and lead generation
  • Collect user data
  • Change the branding by adding company logos and colour palettes
  • Save money by paying approximately five percent of the cost of a bespoke virtual reality product

To find out more about PowerUp and the virtual reality titles we have created, visit



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