Our Top Fifteen Apple Watch Apps

Sophie Hardbattle By Sophie Hardbattle

On the 10th of April the Apple Watch will FINALLY be available, in the UK, for pre-order and then will be released two weeks later, on the 24th. Exciting stuff, ey? However, before you frantically rush to the Apple Store to be the first to buy one, you should probably have an idea of the apps that will be available. We’ve collated a list of the best Apple Watch apps that we have come across.

If you're still not sure that the Apple Watch is right for you, and you're wanting to weigh up your options, then head on over to our Smartwatch guide 'Which Smartwatch is Best For You?'.

Exercise & Fitness apps

There are mix of fitness apps that help monitor your exercise intake and help motivate you to make healthier choices.

The Activity App

This app comes already installed on the Apple Watch and is specifically designed to encourage users to ‘Sit less. Move more. Get some exercise’.

It provides a quick snapshot of daily activity through three ‘rings’ that show how many calories have been burned, how many minutes of brisk exercise has been completed and how often the user stands up to take a break from sitting.

Apple watch fitness app

Nike+ Running

What is the Nike+ Running app? Well, it's kind of a jazzy pedometer. The app will give users an easy view of the distance they have ran, for what duration and the pace they are running at.

This app is going to be a good exercise tool for the competitive ones among us. With a quick glance the runner will be able to see the Nike+ leaderboard where they can see how they are doing compared to the other app users.

Other features include members of the ‘Nike+ community’ being able to send ‘a cheer’ to help motivate runners and bluetooth headphones so the users can listen to music wirelessly during their workout.

Nike Running Apple Watch App

Life Clock

Do you find it hard to be motivated to exercise? If the answer is yes then we may have found the perfect (yet slightly morbid) app for you. The Life Clock app is basically a countdown to show how much longer the user has to live (see, morbid).

It determines life span by measuring daily activities, such as the amount of sleep and exercise that has been had. If the user has done something positive, such as 30 minutes of exercise, then it adds time, if they have partied all night then it takes away time. The app is intended to be motivational and may help people make better choices- or they can tuck the watch up in bed before heading out to party. What it doesn’t know won’t hurt it/you, right?

Life Clock Apple Watch App

Health & Lifestyle apps

Green Kitchen

As the name implies, Green Kitchen is an Apple Watch app that guides users through cooking a healthy and organic meal. The app has to be synced up to an iPhone- where users look through and find the perfect recipe. The Apple Watch then prompts the user at important stages, times them (for the steps that are time dependent) and gives hints and tips of how the meal should be looking- to ensure they are on the right track.

Green Kitchen Apple Watch App


WaterMinder is a really, super simple app that helps Apple Watch users track their water intake throughout the day, with the end outcome being to stay hydrated. The app also displays hydration levels and puts users on a hydration schedule and gives reminders to rehydrate.

Water Minder Apple Watch App

Home apps

Have a look at our favourite home management apps for the Apple Watch. Using these apps will ensure you never having to worry whether you’ve left a light on at home or the car unlocked again.

BMW i Remote

If you’re a proud owner of an electric BMW i, then you will be able to receive realtime information, about your car, to your watch. The BMW i Remote displays a range of information, such as the charge status of the car, whether it’s locked or not, service reminders and it even allows the temperature in the car to be adjusted.

BMW Remote Apple Watch App

Control your whole house from your wrist with the Apple Watch app. Connect a number of household devices, including the lights, locks, thermostats, water shut-off and even the garage door. Why would anyone ever want to stand up again?! Apple Watch App

Social apps

As you would expect, you can download Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for your smartwatch. However, that isn’t where it ends, there are a ton of cool communication and messaging apps being developed.


WeChat is a quick and simple messaging service. There’s not really much else to say, other than it allows users to send text, stickers and emojis to other WeChat users.

Zello Walkie Talkie

The Zello app seems pretty cool! It allows users to use the Apple Watch like a walkie talkie, by pushing the mic button and talking into the watch! Users can set up a password protected channel with their friends, so they can all talk together securely and easily.

Zello Walkie Talkie Apple Watch App


TL;DR stands for ‘too long; didn’t read’ and it is an app that allows emails to be viewed on the Apple Watch- well, kind of! It shortens the email down into the first few words and turns it into a social feed type post. Users can also send a quick reply back or simply ‘like’ the email.

Business apps

It isn’t just your personal life that the Apple Watch is set to improve; it’s dabbling in the world of business apps too.


In a quick summary, this is a CRM app. It displays a snapshot of a business’s analytics, including sales opportunities and marketing notifications. Obviously it wouldn’t replace a full customer relationship management system, but it means that users can keep an eye on the company’s progress throughout the day.

Salesforce Apple Watch App


Users can manage tasks with this to-do list app. It allows users to view all of their tasks for the day, with the ability to change the tasks to a completed or postponed setting. The Apple Watch’s microphone can also be used to assign a due date to each task.


This app has been designed to help teams view, manage and achieve goals. Managers are able to set goals for the team- allowing all members to track their overall performance and keep focused on the task… Instead of getting distracted by blogposts on smartwatch apps (we’re just kidding- please stay).

Skill apps


A simple and effective way to learn new languages. Babbel shows new words depending on the users location. So if they’re at a restaurant it will tell them food related terms and when they’re at the airport it will tell them travelling related terms (such as “arrival” or “departure”).

Babbel Apple Watch App

Mint Personal Finance

Bad with money? No problem: Mint Personal Finance helps to keep within a set monthly budget. It allows users to view and track their monthly spending goals and notifies them weekly on their spending habits- so they know whether they need to tighten the reins a bit with their spending.


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