Planning Your Christmas Campaign in a Short Amount of Time

Sophie Hardbattle By Sophie Hardbattle

Start Planning Now!

Okay, it is just under six weeks until the big day, so I reckon it’s FINALLY acceptable to start prattling on about my favourite subject; CHRISTMAS. I know it can be a hectic time of year and depending on the planning and preparation; your social marketing strategy will either thrive or fall by the wayside.

It isn’t too late to start the arrangements! However, as with most things; the earlier the better (but we live and learn). So before you start on the mulled wine and mince pies, here’s some tips to make your social media on point over the holiday season.

Know Your Aims

I know I harp on about knowing the aims of your strategy a lot, but it really does make everything else come more easily. These aims could be to drive more traffic to your domain, to increase followers or increase inquiries.

Once you know the aim you can then start making other decisions, like what type of content you want to be posting. For example, if you were wanting more traffic to your site, you might post links to your new blogposts. Similarly, if you want more interaction on social media, you might create an infographic, image or video. Knowing what you’re sharing will then help you decide what appropriate hashtags will accompany the post.

A Christmas Campaign

I’m not going to sugar coat it, some of the most effective types of campaigns usually involve another element, other than social media. For example, Coke Zero’s Christmas Sweater Generator. Coke Zero developed a microsite where people could create the perfect ‘tacky’ Christmas sweater and then get their friends to vote for the best.

If It has just dawned on you, that you’ve completely forgotten about a social media campaign for Christmas, then you may be thinking, what do I do? Ignore it and hope no one notices? No, it’s never too late, you’ve just got to think carefully about what you can offer in the amount of time you have. However, you still need to make sure you’re not scraping together a half-baked campaign and that you’re giving your followers ‘your all’. Try and find the perfect halfway point between achievable and desirable (i.e. your followers will want to take part).

It might be too late to implement your site into the campaign, either by adding extra pages to your website or having more christmassy features on your app, but you can still have a social media based campaign. The most obvious thing to do is have a competition or giveaway. You can most definitely do this (tis the season of giving, goodwill and all that jazz), you just need to think about doing it in a way that will make your business stand out. Rather than simply giving out prizes or gifts, think about a way to make it more engaging and fun for your followers. Maybe you get them to nominate someone to win a prize or they actually pick the prize they want to win, from your range, and you choose a winner. You’re going to have to get creative to stand up against your, perhaps more prepared, competitors.

Schedule Your Tweets

If you know for a fact that it will be a busy month, and you may not get the chance to tweet as much as you’d like to, then you should definitely consider scheduling your tweets. This will ensure regular exposure and will allow more time to think about what you want to say, rather than a quick five minutes to post something. There are a variety of tools you can use to do this, one of them being Hootsuite.

Get the Word Out Now!

You don’t have to wait until December to start spreading the Christmassy word. If you have special seasonal products, start letting your followers know early. Starting earlier might help create more of a buzz around what you’re offering.

Have Fun

Tis the season to be jolly falalalalalala. Don’t take your company too seriously, i.e. have fun with your followers, have conversations with them and enjoy the content you’re posting!

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