Security and Selfies with iOS 8

Sophie Hardbattle By Sophie Hardbattle


The most relevant updates to iOS are, undoubtedly, the new security features. After the whole palaver with the iCloud leak scandal, Apple must have customer safety in the forefront of their minds. The most notable security features are:

Touch ID

This acts as a 'fingerprint passcode', meaning you can now unlock third party apps with a touch of a finger. This function is only available for the iPhone 5s, 6 or 6 Plus.

Send Last Location

If you are unlucky enough to ever of had your phone stolen, or regularly lose it far from the realms of under the sofa, then this new security device will be useful. Once it is enabled in Settings, your phone will start sending you its last known location, just before the battery dies.


There will be a handful of new developments that aim to make communicating on your iPhone a lot more personal.

Sending Sound

Capturing and sending sound in Messages will be a new feature. This means you can actually laugh out loud.

Predictive Text

Your phone will be able to predict how you are going to finish your sentence, it knows your messaging style, if you're being formal (or informal), whom you are writing to and what the conversation is about.

Wi-Fi Phone Calls

You will soon be able to ring people through Wi-Fi, which allows us to make phone calls, even if we don't have signal. However, it will only work if the Wi-Fi network has allowed it.


iOS 8 are giving us the potential to master the selfie, with more editing tools and camera settings.


With smarter composition tools, smarter adjustments and more filters than you can shake a stick at; you can have a photo taken, edited and uploaded to Instagram in no time at all.

Shutter Time

Both the Photo mode and Square mode will come with a new shutter time function. It comes in two settings; 3 seconds and 10 seconds.


This one isn't really for the selfie lovers but it's a nifty little feature non-the-less. Go into the camera app, swipe all the way to the left, and you will find yourself in the Time-Lapse mode. You will then be able to record a long video that will be condensed into a high-speed slide show.


Otherwise known as the health and fitness features- but I wanted to keep with the 'S' theme, so please bare with me.

The new HealthKit app offers a new easy-to-read dashboard of all your health and fitness data. It allows all your health and fitness apps to talk to each other so you can get a clear and current overview of your health.

What are you looking forward to about the new operating system? Let us know!




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