The Best Ways Brands Are Using Twitter This Christmas

Sophie Hardbattle By Sophie Hardbattle

It’s almost CHRISTMAS!!!... And as many business owners know, this time of year is brilliant for building relationships with old and new customers. Many brands use adverts to tug on to the heart strings of the viewers, most invest heavily on social media and some do both. For those who have chosen to be super Christmassy on social media, a lot of them seem to be using Twitter really well, this holiday season. There has been a few different ways that these brands are using Twitter, so we’re going to explore a few of our favourite!


The Marks and Spencer campaign follows the work of two Christmas fairies, called ‘Magic’ and ‘Sparkle’. Within a number of TV adverts, we see the fairies delivering some Christmassy surprises around the UK. To accompany the adverts M&S have created another Twitter profile for the characters within the advert. The profile is called @thetwofairies and uses the hashtag #FollowTheFairies.

Using both the companies website, and the new Twitter profile, they give their customers tasks to carry out- to spread Christmas joy.

The Two Fairies Tweet

The Twitter page is also used to post rhymes and riddles to let their followers know where in the country the fairies will be. Once they are there, they give presents out to the locals.

The Two Fairies Tweet

Their new Twitter page has done really well, and received nearly 29K followers in just a few months. The success is, in no doubt, helped by the advert, which includes the Twitter details in it. However the campaign has also flourished due to the interactive elements that have been added. The tasks given by the fairies aren’t the usual Twitter based ones, like retweet or share the post; they ask the followers to do fun activities outside of social media. Although it is a great ‘media stunt’, they don’t make the followers feel like it is one. It doesn't seem as though any tweet is ‘retweet hungry’, everything adds to the story or the character profiles.


I am sure we are all aware of the John Lewis Christmas advert, which features the ADORABLE ‘Monty the penguin’.

However, if there are any of you who haven’t seen it, let us give you a quick briefing. A young boy has a pet penguin, the penguin is unhappy and jealous of those who are in love, the penguin gets a girlfriend for Christmas. Oh, and the penguin is actually a stuffed toy.

The way John Lewis have used Twitter to accompany the main advert is lovely. Like Marks and Spencer, John Lewis have created a profile for the main characters within the advert. How John Lewis differs from M&S is that the Twitter isn’t used to get the followers to take part in the campaign, as such, but to indulge in the cute story even more.

It is a way for the followers to follow Monty (and his girlfriend Mabel) on their adventures. It’s a supplement to the advert and allows the story to continue and gives the Twitter followers a sense of something extra. We get to see a further glimpse into the boys imagination and find out more than what the advert alone offers.

It is also done with great humour and stays on topic, like this tweet:

Monty the penguin tweet

Starbucks UK

This is a company who haven’t used their Twitter as part of an ‘advert heavy’ campaign (yet, at least, who knows what they have planned?).

Starbucks are always very savvy with their Twitter profile, especially when it comes to offering their customers freebies or discounts.

Startbucks Red Cup Tweet

A great example of how they do this, is their Tweet a Coffee campaign (which isn’t a Christmas one, but we thought it was worth a mention).

Christmas is a perfect time to give your followers something back. Sometimes (depending on how it’s done) a competition or giveaway scheme can be too obvious, and customers can see that it’s a ‘like mongering’ technique. Although they’re used to it and will probably take part anyway, it may seem a bit disingenuous. However, in the holiday season it is more fitting, and is generally accepted that the brand is giving in to the kind and giving spirit of Christmas.

Have you spotted any ingenious ways brands have used Twitter in the holiday season? If you have, let us know, we’d love to see!

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