Tools To Ensure Your Digital Marketing Success

Sophie Hardbattle By Sophie Hardbattle

You’ve started writing blogs for your business and you’re regularly posting on social media, bravo! However, you may still feel a bit unsteady, it’s a whole new world after all! To help you in the voyage of digital marketing discovery, we’re giving you a gift (tis the season). The gift is us letting you in on some useful (free) tools that we have discovered. These help us to track and manage our social media pages and blogs (that must be better than the mountain of socks and shortbread biscuits you’ve received this year).


Hootsuite Website

‘Hootsuite is a social media management system’.

It really is a brilliant tool for those who either love being organised or need more help to do so. It puts most of your social media platforms in one place, so you can view the activity on each feed simultaneously.

I would say one of the most useful features is being able to schedule posts across all platforms, and then viewing all of the scheduled posts in one place (in the publisher tab). This cuts out the laborious task of going on each platform individually to schedule the posts. This is particularly useful during the holiday season; so you can set up all of the posts whilst you’re off and still have a finger in the social media pie.

The main benefit of Hootsuite allowing you to manage your posts easily, and in a more organised fashion, is that it lessens the chance of missing a platform out and forgetting that you have it. There’s nothing worse than going on to a company’s Instagram page and seeing that they haven’t posted anything since the last time you looked, three months ago.


BuzzSumo website

BuzzSumo describe themselves as ‘a platform for content marketing and SEO agencies to discover engaging content and outreach opportunities’. Now we don’t know about everyone else, but we use it to see which blogposts of ours are shared the most. Using that data helps us to make future decisions on the type of blogs we should (or shouldn’t be posting)- we’re assuming the ones with the most shares are up there with the most popular.

BuzzSumo also allows you to find the most shared articles and web pages relating to a topic. This might let you into the type of stuff people enjoy reading, regarding that topic.

If you want to, you could also use the system to track your competitors blogposts and see if they’re doing anything particularly well, if they are; then use that to learn from them.


FollowerWonk Website

FollowerWonk is a tool that provides you with an array of analytics regarding your Twitter profile.

It’s useful if you’re looking for an insight into your industry on Twitter; you can compare yourself to other users or industry leaders, analyse other users tweets, follows and followers and track and sort your own followers.

This tool is useful as it helps you understand your followers and therefore understand the people who you’re talking to. You can look at the people who have unfollowed your page, and then become less worried when you see that the majority of the ‘unfollowers’ will be bots or spam accounts (well, hopefully anyway).

Once you start using these tools as part of your every day (or every week) strategy, you'll start to get a better understanding of the types of posts and blogs you should be creating.

So the you have it; our top tools to make your digital marketing life easier. If you have any more tools that you use, then please don’t hesitate to let us know!

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