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Sophie Hardbattle By Sophie Hardbattle

Many small business owners reckon that giving their business a catchy name, creating a snazzy logo and setting a colour scheme is the be all and end all of branding. Although they are all pretty big elements, branding is more about the message that your business portrays; it’s the tone of voice, the look, the feel and how your promise to the customer is portrayed.

That being said, the ‘design’ of your business is very important, there’s no getting round it. Although the aesthetics don’t dictate every decision you and your business make, they do end up guiding you in a specific direction. The design is likely to influence a lot of things, like the type of language and imagery (…definitely imagery) you use.

Every business’s branding or rebranding process may be different, as is the case when helping to create or work on a brand with our clients. Every business has a different starting place, so it’s a case of working on and building up from that. For example, Shaun (one of our designers) wrote a blogpost ‘From Robots to Trees: A Rebrand Story’, where he explained that rebranding Got Focus to Eden Agency all started with the name.

Whether you’re going through a rebranding journey, or you’re business is in the beginning stages, there are many benefits that come from creating a successful rebranding strategy:

Increasing Your Influence Through a Clear Brand Message

This being the influence over your potential customer. A strong and clear brand message that uses targeted language and design will help to make your business more ‘recognisable’. Meaning that rather than teetering between you and your competitor, they can confidently pick your brand, because they know exactly what it stands for and what they will receive in return.

Create Brand Loyalty With an Emotional Bond

Go on, pull on the heart strings and press on the emotional buttons that connect to your target customers. A good amount of customer research helps with this, the more you know your potential customer and mould your brand for them, the better the chances they drop the ‘potential’ and become an actual customer.

Stand Out From Your Competitors By Using That Emotional Bond

In your market or industry you are likely to have hundreds of competitors. One will be the cheapest, one may be the closest distance to the potential customer and one may offer the most amazing quality. Who knows what each customer is looking for? You certainly cant be everything to everyone, so you’ll need to find a way for you to be their choice. If they have some sort of connection or loyalty to your brand, then a lot of the time that could out weigh other factors. Any competitor could lower their price to be the same as yours but it is much harder to replicate the emotional bond.

A Memorable Brand Creates A Memorable Business

Creating something memorable, i.e. something that is made with your target customer in mind, will help you evolve from “what-do-you-call-it” to… Well, your business’s name. In other words, it helps people to put a face to the name or brand to the business!

Encourage Seamless Growth Through a Clear and Constant Brand

Once a clear brand message is decided, it will become much easier to grow your business and expand to other platforms or mediums. You won’t need to start a fresh with every new product, you will already have clear guidelines to follow and a clear end goal.

Launching New Products Easily By Being Already Established

When you have an already established brand name, it is much easier to launch new products as your brand will already be recognised in your industry or market. People know who you are and that you’re professional and trusted.

Improve Reputation By Having a Framework For Consistency

The set brand guidelines will also help to maintain consistency throughout each platform or medium that your business is present on. It will make the business come together nicely and look way more professional than if it was all disjointed. It will show your customers or clients that you care about looking professional, therefore you must BE professional. It’s only logical!

Have a Sense Of Pride in Your Business

People shouldn’t be shallow, sales should depend on the product or service, not the website that’s displaying it… But that’s not really the case; people are judging the book by its cover and the business by its brand design!

Once you have a smooth, shiny and aesthetically pleasing brand, you can put your business out there and have faith that people will be impressed.

Eden Agency and Branding

Eden Agency

As already mentioned, last year we decided to rebrand GotFocus Solutions into what you see today; Eden Agency. If you want to read more about that, our designer/illustrator/all-round-artistic-guy Shaun wrote a blog about our rebranding story, ‘Robots To Trees: A Rebranding Story’.


iCrick is an app we developed for England cricketer Tim Bresnan and Yorkshire Captain Andrew Gale. In summary, this app displays cricketing tutorial videos featuring professional cricketers. To find out more about this app, go to ‘iCrick Cricket Coach’. In the first stages of development we met with Tim and Andrew to discuss and plan what they wanted from the app, i.e. the goals and aims. From that we then designed around six different branding possibilities for the app, which were then taken to both Tim and Andrew. We then, as a team, dwindled the options down to the one which we all agreed was the best. Nout like a bit of team work, ey?

A Not So Fading Light

‘A Not So Fading Light’ is an interactive children's book, which we helped Vince Moran (the author) develop. Again, this process started with a meeting where we discussed what exactly it was that Vince wanted from us. We developed the app and also designed the branding, we had almost full control over the aesthetics. We are very happy with the final product, find out more here


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