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Sophie Hardbattle By Sophie Hardbattle

This blog is the second part of two; it follows on from our ‘A Guide to Direct Marketing’ blogpost. There we described what direct marketing is, its benefits and guidelines for a successful direct marketing campaign.

In this blogpost we explain how Eden Agency use email marketing and push notifications to create a successful direct marketing campaign for our clients.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is marketing your company’s brand message, directly to your intended viewer, via email. This can be done in a variety of ways, whether that be using regular newsletters, digests or sending offers or discounts.

The Benefits of Email Marketing

One benefit of using email marketing is it’s easier to monitor the success of the campaign. Through campaign monitor and Google Analytics you can track the incoming traffic, to your website, from each campaign. With more traditional mass marketing techniques, it is harder to understand or measure the success so quickly.

Newsletter software often allows you to email the customer using their first name, allowing a sense of familiarity between your company and it’s customers. This is a nice touch; it makes them feel like they are the only customer that matters.

It’s also fairly easy to segment those who have signed up to receive emails into different demographics. This is handy because it allows a more targeted marketing campaign, so you can send specific offers, discounts or promotions to the people who are more likely to be interested.

Email marketing offers immediacy, so a business can see results within minutes of it being sent. You can see how many emails were opened, how many people clicked on the links and how many bounced. You can also then use software, such as Google Analytics, to see how many people came to your site from that campaign.

Eden Agency and Email Marketing

We work with a handful of clients who are keen to use email marketing to market and promote to potential customers (we also use email marketing as part of our strategy).

Boofle is one of our clients who are using email marketing well. The company’s emails are often sent once or twice a month and not always to everyone- the customer base is often segmented for maximum click through and open rates. The emails themselves are very eye catching and fun to read- they don’t always stick to the same old template.

Auntie Anne’s is another client who is using email marketing with great success. The open rates are reaching above 50% and as are the click through rates. One of the great things about the newsletters we work on with Auntie Anne’s is they always have purpose and offer something of value to the reader, for example offering the chance to win prizes. We also segment the recipients and send relevant newsletters to the people they are targeted at, rather than to everyone. For example, when a new store opens we only tell the people close to this store.

Push Notification Marketing

So it goes without saying that mobile and tablet use is booming. Because these technologies are so popular, it’s best to market in a way that uses their popularity. Sure, the majority of mobiles allow emails for email marketing and (obviously) calls for telemarketing, but those methods aren’t the only way to direct market to users on these devices. Many companies are using push notifications as an efficient and ‘natural to the device’ way to promote and market their business, service or products.

Benefits of Push Notification Marketing

The biggest benefit, given to us from push notification marketing, is they allow real time alerts. What we mean by this is they allow the marketing efforts to be more direct, not only to the right person but at the right time too. For example, sending an alert when the device is close to a proximity beacon.

Responsys has put together an infographic, which shows this marketing technique has been proved to be effective, as 68% of people have enabled push notifications and they have 50% higher open rates than emails do.

It’s also a very non-disruptive method, people don’t have to stop what they’re doing to respond, like with telemarketing for example.

How To Use Push Notification Marketing Effectively:

Possibly the most important point here is to make sure you fill the short amount of space provided wisely. Say exactly what you need to in a way that will provoke the reader to take action. It’s good to use a call to action and detail what it is that you want the reader to do.

Make sure you grab their attention! You’ll need to stand out against your competitors. Use language that creates a sense of urgency, they need to see what you offer NOW! ASOS do this well:

ASOS Push Notification Marketing

However, be careful of how often you are sending push notifications- it's easy for the customer to just turn them off, so you do not want to be annoying or spammy! A survey from DMA states ’1 in 2 of those asked say they enable apps, whilst 7 in 10 of those would delete app or disable push notifications if they were unhappy with it’.

Eden Agency and Push Notifications

We use Push Notification Marketing with almost every app we create. One of the newest (and arguably best) ways we are using push notification marketing, is with the Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Pass app. Shortly, proximity beacons will be placed in the stores, so when a potential customer (with the app) is within range, they will receive a push notification acting as a reminder to let them know they have points or to offer them deals to entice them into the store. We have also put a time allowance on this method, so the app-user isn’t receiving notifications every single time they walk pass the store.

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