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Sophie Hardbattle By Sophie Hardbattle

You know what a marketing campaign is, right? It is the promotion of a product, service or business on a medium (i.e. television, social media, radio). An integrated marketing campaign, on the other hand, is the combination and management of the different marketing techniques. It uses the different marketing platforms in one campaign to make it a more rounded and polished marketing method.

What makes an integrated marketing campaign successful?

Unified branding:

Each medium, that is being used as part of the marketing campaign, should ideally have the same branding, look and feel. If not, the campaign as a whole could feel disjointed and not flow smoothly from one medium to another. However, having the same logo and tagline on every platform isn’t exactly the embodiment of a great campaign (it needs much more than that) but it does help to create one perfected brand experience.

Understanding the product, market place and audience:

A good deal of research should go into any promotional or marketing activity. You need to know the ins-and-outs of the product that you’re marketing i.e. what it does, who it is for, what is the unique selling point. You also need to have a grasp of the market place it is in i.e. what are your competitors doing and what are they NOT doing too? And of course, possibly most importantly, you need to understand your audience/possible target customer base; who they are, where they are and what they are doing.

Get to grips with each marketing medium:

Although we suggest using the same branding throughout the campaign, we don’t recommend treating each medium the same. Part of understanding your audience is understanding the platform you are communicating to them on. A marketing method may work better on one platform than it does on another. One of the great things about an integrated marketing campaign is that you can be creative with the way you market on each platform, working with each one in a specific way, but still treating it as a part of the campaign as a whole. While each platform should work on its own, it can be more memorable to offer ways for your audience to move between them seamlessly. An example of this is having a poster with a QR code on it that links the ‘viewer’ to your social media pages.


A further reach

Being present on a number of different mediums will surely reach more people than if a business was only marketing themselves on one.

Brand awareness

An integrated marketing campaign allows your business to be present at various points throughout your potential customers day. Therefore, it reinforces your brand message regularly, making your business the first they think of when they need your products/service.

Increased sales

Increasing your business’s brand awareness will result in more sales, as long as the message is consistent throughout each stage of the process. An integrated marketing campaign also allows you to move the customer through the different stages of buying, constantly topping up the positive image that the marketing portrays.

A more memorable brand experience

An integrated marketing campaign is far more likely to stand out and be more memorable than the mountains of other advertisements.

An Eden Agency example

Auntie Anne’s

We have worked with Auntie Anne’s to create past and future integrated marketing campaigns.

One campaign, that was run for a week in November, celebrated the launch of the Pretzel Pass app. The main crux of the campaign was a Twitter competition. To support the competition we promoted it on various platforms; we sent out a newsletter to Auntie Anne’s customers, we advertised it on Facebook and on the splash screen within the app. The website also has a section that offers a quick and easy way to catch up on Auntie Anne’s news, which links to Auntie Anne’s social media. As well as all of these methods, we wrote a blogpost explaining the competition.

We are still working with Auntie Anne's to integrate social media into the app more and more, to create a seamless journey through each platform.

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