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Sophie Hardbattle By Sophie Hardbattle

Responsive web design, or RWD, is a method of web design/development that enhances and optimises the viewing experience. ‘How does it do this?’ we hear you ask; by making ‘dynamic changes’ to how the website looks when the screen size or orientation changes. So that means it creates a more ‘friendly’ user experience.

Why is responsive web design important?

Deciding to invest in a responsive design may have many benefits, such as:

A better looking site for all

58% of people accessing the internet are doing so from their mobile, this statistic is double what it was in 2010. With more different types of phones, or other devices like tablets, there are more ways to access your site than ever. Does your once polished website now look as attractive on the newest most popular phones?

An effective way to keep all users happy, is by choosing a responsive web design; so your site is just as appealing on every mobile as it is on computers. If you decide against a responsive design, your site will appear on a phone screen exactly as it does on a computer screen. This may mean a lot of zooming in and out or mindless scrolling around the page for your user.

Increasing your reach

One benefit of choosing a responsive web design is that it can positively effect your websites overall reach and the amount of traffic accessing that URL. This is because, with responsive web design, the user doesn’t have to be re-directed to a ‘device specific site’, like with traditional ‘mobile sites’.

Better SEO results

Because all versions of the site use the same URL, it is easier to maintain and the main site and mobile site won't be competing against each other. This then allows you to focus on search engine optimisation and putting all of your efforts onto the one site, rather than dividing it between two or three. Not only that, it is also the recommended mobile configuration of Google. And usually, what Google wants, Google gets!

Keeping your great reputation

We all know the old saying, "don’t judge a book by it’s cover". Unfortunately for some, this doesn't translate into "don’t judge a business by its website". You may be the best in the industry, but if your website looks a few years out of date, then that could reflect badly on your business’ reputation. First impressions are important in every business, and for many your website could be the first point of call for potential customers. So to wow them from the get-go make sure your website looks as amazing as possible from whatever device they access your site.

More sales and higher conversion rates

It makes sense that creating a better user experience, and starting off on the right foot, will create more sales. A study found that, in 2012, 67% of mobile users claim they are more likely to purchase from a mobile friendly site than a site that isn’t optimised for other devices.

It’s more time and cost effective

Those who adopt a responsive web design approach find that it takes a lot less time to create than an additional mobile site- saving time = saving money!

Example of responsive design:

The Auntie Anne's UK site looks perfect on every device:

Auntie Anne's UK Website developed by Eden Agency

Are there any other options?

Many people argue that developing a native app can be just as valuable as a responsive web design. But with more and more people accessing sites via mobile, it is almost certainly worth making your site responsive. An app is good if you want to create something that assists people on a regular basis; people are more likely to use and download an app if it helps with a task they do often. Also, A native app can provide functions that web apps/mobile sites cannot, like the camera or GPS.

However, If you do wish to develop an app for your business, then do so, but don’t let that replace making your existing website responsive.

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