Which smartwatch is best for you?

Sophie Hardbattle By Sophie Hardbattle

Making a Decision

It's a jungle out there! Especially with all the competing smartwatches to choose from... Alright, that may be an exaggeration, BUT it is really hard to decide which one is best for you. Will the Apple Watch tickle your fancy or is the Moto 360 more up your street?

There are so many factors to take into account, so here we are to hopefully help you make a decision on the matter.


Pebble Steel

The biggest deal-breaker for many of us will be how much the gadget costs. It ranges from the 'cheap and cheerful' to the 'let's remortgage the house, Dear' (I'm exaggerating again but you get the gist).

Some of the prices haven't been officially released yet, but the majority of the watches are estimated at £200. The kindest to our wallets is the Pebble Watch, which is priced at £140, it's a steal (PEBBLE STEEL... Get it?).

Apple Watch starts at around £220 but it can reach the heights of $5000 (which is around £3000) with the Edition collection.


Well, what you get from the functionality depends on what you want from the watch itself. Most of them have a social aspect to them, so they notify you when you get a text, call or email.

The only one out of the contenders that doesn't have voice control (like Siri or Google Now) is the Pebble Watch. But in reality, would you feel comfortable speaking to your watch in public, anyway? Probably not.

The Moto 360, Samsung Gear, Sony Smartwatch and The Apple Watch all have touchscreen. Apple Watches also have the 'Digital Crown', which acts as a toggle, just in case using the touch screen makes it hard to see the small screen.

Misfit Flash

Many of the competing tech giants position their new gadgets as a must have fitness monitor. If it truly is a fitness monitor that you want, then maybe the Misfit Flash is more what you need. It doesn't receive messages, phone calls or emails but it does offer everything that you may need from a fitness and sleep monitor. Best thing is; it's only £50... And it can do a LOT! It's a pedometer, it counts how many calories that you have burned, it monitors the quality and duration of your sleep and it also has the (obvious) watch function.


Once again the Misfit Flash stands out from the crowd, as the gadget is compatible with a long list of operating systems and smart phones. It works with:

Apple: iPhone 4s, 5, 5c and 5s. The iPad 3, 4, Air and Mini and the iPod Touch.

Android: Samsung Galaxy S4 and Note 3. Google Nexus 4 and 5. Android 4.3.

It will soon be available with Windows.

The Apple Watch is only compatible with iPhones (iPhone 5 and higher).

The LG G Watch R is compatible with Android 4.3 (or higher).

As for the Pebble Watch, it is compatible with both Apple and Android devices.

The Moto 360 is only compatible with Android 4.3 (or higher).

The Samsung Gear 2 Neo is only compatible with Galaxy devices.

And finally the Sony Smartwatch works with most Android devices.


The majority of the devices are available either now, or within the next two months. The Apple Watch is furthest away, as it is being launched in early 2015.


When I did my research, and made my way through the various smartwatches, I automatically put the watch into one of two lists. The device either looked 'techy' or 'watchy'.

Just in case you can't fathom the 'intricate' workings of my mind; 'techy' watches are the ones that look like they're more of a futuristic contraption and 'watchy' watches are more of a traditional looking wristwatch.


Some of the Apple Watch range

Apple Watch Edition range

Pebble Watch Steel

Moto 360


Some of the Apple Watch range

The Apple Watch Sport range

The LG G Watch R

Samsung Gear 2 Neo

Sony Smartwatch

Personally, I prefer the more traditional looking watches; my favourite is the Apple Watch Edition range, but everyone has different tastes!

Battery Life

The Misfit Flash has the best battery life, hands down; we are promised six months of juice. The next best is the Pebble Watch, with 5-7 days and then Samsung Gear 2 with 3 days of battery life. The rest will need to be charged everyday, or every second day at a stretch.

I hope this run down of the biggest and best smartwatches has helped you make up your mind!




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