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Android Tutorial: How To Integrate YouTube Videos Into Your App

By Scott Cooper

A guide on how to play YouTube videos in your Android application and the different ways you can play them. This includes sample application and full source code.

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RowAdapter - Android Adapters Made Simple

By Luke Deighton

RowAdapter is an Open Source Library to simplify writing code for adapters. It aims to provide a bridge between the old and the new, an "Adapter of Adapters". It provides a common API to work with the various Adapter implementations. It also provides further encapsulation by handling View Types meaning that your Adapter Code can be reused in one or many different adapters without the need to worry about View Type Counts.

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Eden Agency Launch App for E-Recruitment Platform,

By Sophie Hardbattle

We have launched a new app for Shortlister, the innovative interview recording platform. Find out more about the company and how we went about developing the application.

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