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An API for some serious growth hacking, event apps and a content management system to empower the business.



rradar, at it's heart, is a legal services provider who is educating and empowering businesses with world-leading legal, advisory and design services.

rradar has grown rapidly due to the success of the design and delivery of their Management Liability cover (in association with AXA) which does more than any other insurance policy on the market.

To see why rradar are the most innovative providers of expert advice and world-leading legal protection visit their website.


Due to rradar's rapid growth they needed a solution to rapidly scale the technical elements of their business with the development of a core API. The API needed to provide the business logic to support all of rradar’s core business. The architecture of the core API had to allow for the expansion of satellite apps and services quickly and regularly.


rradar API

The rradar core API provides the central hub for all future developments with core business, policy, customer and broker data accessible through an OAuth 2.0 RESTful API with discoverability with HAL.

Management CMS

The AngularJS CMS allows both brokers and rradar's vastly growing legal team to handle hundreds of thousands of insurance policies through a beautifully responsive web app.

3D Event App

rradars event app was the highlight of their exhibition stand at Web Summit Dublin 2015 and was used to explain complex services quickly and succinctly. 
Web Summit


As a result of this initial API development, we have gone on to build a number of products and formed a close partnership with rradar.

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