Sports Analytics Group’s Fantasy Football Fix App

A bespoke iOS and Android app to assist the armchair football managers all over the UK.



Sports Analytics Group (SAG) are a statistics and algorithm based startup dealing primarily within the sports sector. One of their main products is Fantasy Football Fix- originally a web app dedicated to assisting Fantasy Football players achieve maximum point totals.


SAG wanted to compliment the current web app service with the implementation of a mobile version- that’s where we come in.



iOS & Android App

We used their original API to create native apps for both iOS and Android phones. Users now have the ability to keep track of their team wherever they might be.

App features

The app boasts an array of features, including transfer recommendations, one-click squad optimisation and a price change monitor with regularly updates that include new features such as game week live where users can receive and view notifications that charts the points awarded to players live on matchday. 

Sports Analytics Group Fantasy Football Fix app


The app is very well loved. Since it's launch at the start of 2016 the app has received:


average review in App Store and Google Play Store


monthly active users


positive reviews

(stats between January - March 2016)
Great work I see a lot of work has gone into this app. It's an absolutely satisfying tool; can't wait to see additional features
Soji Ayoade - Google Play Store review
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