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UKG (UK Greetings) are market leaders of greeting cards and gift dressings. Supplying their products through retailers, they found they had a need for a strong digital partner, encouraging them to push forward with innovative products. With loveable characters such as Boofle and Tedmund Ted, we were tasked with an initial brief to build a mobile app, boosting Boofle’s digital presence.


Not only did we build a hugely successful app for Boofle, we have redesigned their websites, built 3D characters, augmented reality apps for UKG partners including Tesco’s and Asda plus we have designed email newsletters to help UKG expand their footprint.

We have the pleasure of managing all of UK Greetings digital requirements allowing us to be as creative as possible!

UK Greetings Strategy

Responsive Websites

Boodle’s existing website was a Flash site which had no support for mobile devices and UK Greetings analytics showed that the site had over 40% of visitors arriving on mobile and a 100% bounce rate for those users.
The issue with completely replacing the site is that there was so much Flash content that over the years had become very popular.
We built a responsive website with Flash detection, we added lots of games using the Phaser.js framework so that rich engaging content was available on mobile devices. We also added a blog to increase visitor interactivity outside of the Flash content and interactive storybooks with touch capabilities. The site now has a 15% bounce rate and an average visitor duration of over 8 minutes.
As well as the Boofle website we’ve also revamped the UK Greetings website & Tedmund-Ted.
UK Greetings Website

Newsletter campaign platform

We added our newsletter platform into all of Boofle’s, Tedmund  digital experiences and designed responsive HTML5 newsletter templates allowing UK Greetings to send beautifully formatted e-mails.
Our signup approach to add newsletter signup to all apps, websites and Facebook pages has meant Boofle’s newsletter subscriber base is nearly now in the tens of thousands.
Our newsletter platform is now used throughout all of UK Greetings marketing including their own corporate branded communications.

Boofle’s App

Our first task was to build a presence for Boofle on the app store. We started out by scoping out lots of ideas that would allow existing Boofle fans to engage with Boofle every day.
The app features lots of mini-games featuring an animated Boofle. It also features a photo booth for integrating Boofle into your iPhone and a store finder for getting your hands on the latest Boofle products.
UK Greetings can send push notifications notifying the thousands of Boofle’s app users of news and new features.

3D Modelling & Animation

In order to be able to rapidly develop videos, apps, games and other interactive content for Boofle, Tedmund-Ted and also Bobbin & Stitch we had to create 3D assets of each of the characters. 
We’ve created beautiful 3D models, skeletons and animations for all of these characters incorporating all of the fussy loveliness of the plush toys and the strength of identity of each of the characters which have allowed us the license of infinite possibility.

Vidcard app - personalised video message greeting cards

To add a real twist to traditional greetings cards we created the vidcard app. When purchasing one of UK Greetings VidCard enabled cards you can record and send a personal greeting alongside your greeting card for the recipient to view by scanning the card.
The app has been used by thousands of people to send loved ones messages worldwide.


We’ve been UK Greetings preferred digital partner now for nearly three years and their digital products go from strength to strength. On average Boofle HTML campaigns achieve an 18% click rate (Average rates range between 2-5%) and all of the properties fan base has grown exponentially throughout this three years. 


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