VEO Group’s Mobile App and Web Portal

Professional training mobile app and web portal for peer-to-peer video learning.



Established in 2014 by Jon Haines and Paul Miller, VEO Group is a startup that aims to improve the quality of training across a wide variety of sectors and fields. 


We were first approached by VEO Group to build an app that would allow the recording of videos to improve the training of teachers and lecturers. Also, an online portal was required to allow customers to maintain their video libraries and for users to share and comment on various videos.



Powerful video solutions

To record the videos that would be the core of the solution, we opted to build an iPad app. These videos could then be used to monitor and assess performance of individuals via a series of pre-determined ‘tags’. These videos would then be shared on a bespoke platform, controlled by a CMS, allowing professionals to monitor, review and assess their own work whilst also sharing with others.
Powerfully disruptive video training tool - VEO
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