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We love new tech. So much so that we've built a bit of a name for ourselves.


Our Digital Director, Craig, has written a book, done a TedX talk and is pretty well known for iBeacons & the Internet of Things (IoT). He’s kind of a big deal. (His words, not ours).

Successful IoT Projects

One of the first successful deployments in the UK, we developed the Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Pass. The loyalty app utilises iBeacons across every store across the UK.

The iBeacon solution includes a centrally managed loyalty scheme that gives timely, personalised and responsive marketing to loyal customers. It does this based on their favourite purchases and consumer behaviour, for example when passing their favourite store.

We’ve also deployed iBeacons at events and for some of the worlds largest brands, such as Jet2 and F1.

Our Publications & Accomplishments

Our reputation has been built via hard work, quality products and trust. We’ve worked with some of the greatest companies who discovered us through our accolades.

Learning iBeacon by Craig Gilchrist

Writing this book was a labour of love for Craig - the book is the perfect assistant if you want to do it yourself and build proximity applications for iOS using Apple's groundbreaking iBeacon technology.

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Very helpful for understanding beacon from an iOS Developer point of view.
Serafino Sorleti - 5 * review

The Future of Communication Technology | TEDx - Craig Gilchrist

Beacon & IoT technology is the most disruptive technology in the field of interaction design. Apps and protocols built on top of Bluetooth 4.0 such as iBeacon are your passport to apps that truly interact with the world around them.

Imagine your shopping list becoming an interactive map of the supermarket; your phone turning the porch lights on as you drive down the street; or ordering your meal at your favourite table in your favourite restaurant without ever speaking with a waiter. All this and more is made possible by iBeacon, Eddystone and IoT devices and Eden is the company to deliver those solutions.

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