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We love podcasts so much that we built a recording studio into the heart of our office so we could make our own! Ain’t podcasts wonderful?


We really enjoy podcasting. It's our opportunity to share our experiences and thoughts and it's a pretty good way to keep yourself sharp in tech since if you're talking rubbish nobody is going to listen.

Well worth a listen. Update is certainly on the technical side of the app and design scene. With each episode being a collected discussion between the hosts on whatever the episode is about. Which is only two as of now, but I'm really enjoying it so far. They've stripped back the bells and whistles other podcasts try to shove down our ear canals, and just have an intelligent conversation. Which is frankly, a breath of fresh air. They're working on something they enjoy, and it shows in the product. I'll be waiting for more, and recommending it all the while.
Too Many Marbles - App Store Review

Our podcasts



Each week four of our lovely team get together to bring you your weekly dose of digital discussion and tech talk. You can listen on Soundcloud and iTunes, or take a look at the Update website

The Poetry Show

The Poetry Show

Coming soon. Rose Drew, Alan Gillott, Charli Goodfellow and Laurence O’Reilly bring you provoking poetry on a wide range of topics, from love to ghosts to childhood memories.

Team favourites

 Here are some of our favourite podcasts. If you’ve not listened to them, go get them on your favourite pod catcher now! You’re in for a treat.

The Football Ramble cover

The Football Ramble

Mike’s fave

A guaranteed laugh, the four hosts, Markus, Luke, Jim and Pete discuss the latest and the bizarre goings on in the wacky world of football. It’s what football does to ya.

99% Invisible cover

99% Invisible

Shaun’s fave

Ever wondered where the fortune cookie came from? Why psychiartists have couches? Or how rock 'n' roll music got past the Iron Curtain? If so, then you need 99% Invisible in your life. Each episode is a twenty-minute wonder.

Stuff you should know cover

Stuff you should know

Rhi’s fave

This podcast is for anyone who has a thirst for knowledge. Josh and Chuck cover anything and everything from vestigial organs to PEZ to wine fraud, with humour and plenty of sidetracking.

Serial cover


Sophie’s fave

If you know anything about podcasts- you will have definitely heard of Serial. It’s not so much a ‘who dunnit’ thriller, but a ‘he did it, no he didn’t, maybe he did’ roller coaster of emotions. It’s a really gripping podcast!

The Infinite Monkey Cage cover

The Infinite Monkey Cage

Alan's fave

Brian Cox and Robin Ince make the world of science accessible to the masses by discussing a wide range of topics, presented as a great mix of comedy and scientific debate. As a complete geek, the content of this podcast suits me perfectly.

The Moth cover

The Moth

Craig’s fave

I like the Moth because it’s stories told as remembered by the storyteller. Inspirational and beautiful stories that have meant that I’ve often had to compose myself in the office carpark after a teary commute.

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