We are Eden Agency, your full service digital agency

We are a Yorkshire-based, full service digital marketing agency. This means we work with your company, to create digital campaigns, from idea development all the way to launch. We design and build apps, websites, VR experiences and any other digital project in between.

Web development company

We are a web design and development company that has extensive experience in building traditional websites, web portals and web applications. Our process ensures an SEO site with a beautiful and mobile friendly design.

Web development

We don't just do web design and development

We do more than design and build your site. We help plan the whole campaign and even optimise post-launch.

Campaign planning

Our campaign planning workshops have been perfected to make sure every project has clearly defined goals, users and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This ensures that we create something that works and has purpose.

Campaign Planning

SEO and digital marketing

To ensure that your website keeps on performing and continues to rank highly on Google post launch, we also offer our ongoing SEO services. As well as SEO, we also provide social media marketing and email marketing as part of our digital marketing package.


App development company

We have a team of app designers and app developers (including iOS developers and Android developers). We create apps for any device (including mobile or tablet) and for any business (including large enterprises and small start-ups).

App Development

We're not just app developers

We don't just design and build - we strategise and help plan the perfect app for your company.

UX and UI

Owe are big fans of the Google Ventures sketch week; a process our designers use to build a prototype for you within a week. This cuts out weeks of back and forth about small UX design decisions and results in a more cost effective project.

User Experience

Sound recording and animation creation

We have a recording studio built into our office - so whether you're recording a voice over for your app or starting a podcast, we have you covered. We also create 2D and 3D models for apps, VR experiences and animated videos.

Sound and Motion

Virtual reality development company

We're passionate about marketing innovation and creative technologies, that's why we're virtual reality developers - we design and develop amazing VR experiences and games.

Virtual Reality

We're a creative digital agency

As well as virtual reality, we also work on other amazing, innovative projects.

Augmented reality app development

We've developed some really cool apps using Augmented Reality (AR). Find out more.

Augmented Reality

iBeacon app development

We are leading iBeacon and proximity beacon specialists. Proximity beacons are blue tooth enabled devices that allows you to market to your customers when they are close by.


Chatbot development

We produce amazing chatbots to empower our clients and engage their customers. 


We're also pretty good at...

Digital loyalty platforms

We can help you create brand ambassadors by designing and developing a bespoke digital loyalty app with a supportive marketing strategy.

Digital Loyalty Platforms

Enabling start-ups

Why we are proud to be a start-up friendly digital agency.

Start-up toolkit