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We design and develop Augmented Reality (AR) apps for any device or any platform, including mobile, tablet, iOS or Android.

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Marketing with Augmented Reality

AR superimposes a computer generated image onto the user's view of the real world. With Augmented Reality apps, the user usually has to scan a marker image (e.g a QR code or company logo) and that then triggers the computer generated image to appear on the screen as long as the app is open.

AR apps and campaigns allow brands to showcase their products or media to the customer in an extremely interactive and engaging way. This can allow the user to better experience and understand the brand's message.

An Augmented Reality app

Augmented Reality app development

For all apps that we design and develop (including AR and non-AR apps) we follow the same app development process. We have perfected this process, meaning all of our clients get the very best solution every time.

App development with Eden

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We designed and developed an Augmented Reality app for our client UK Greetings. The Bobbin and Stitch Gift Card app allowed users to scan special gift cards using their device. Once scanned, an animation would appear on the device scree


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