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We have been developing mobile and tablet apps for almost ten years and we are known for going that bit further to create innovative digital solutions. One way we have done this is through our work with proximity beacons (otherwise known as iBeacons).


Marketing with iBeacon apps

iBeacons are little devices that connect to a user's mobile phone or tablet, via bluetooth, to send messages (usually in the form of a push notification). This technology offers a very powerful marketing tool.
Think about it this way:

  • The user has downloaded the company's app - the fact they have downloaded the app at all shows they are somewhat engaged with the brand

  • iBeacons not only trigger push notifications but they trigger them when the customer is within a certain proximity to the beacon (which is likely to be placed within the store)

Combining an engaged user with location based alerts offers a more advanced form of direct marketing. Because the customer is already close to the store, they are more likely to react to the push notification.

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One example of our work with iBeacon technology is the Auntie Anne's Pretzel Pass app.

Customers download the loyalty app (which digitalises the traditional stamp card) and when they are close to an Auntie Anne's store, they get a message informing them about an offer or receive a reminder to stop by.

The messages are restricted so they don't occur every time the customer passes by the store - just in case they do so a few times a day.

Auntie Anne's UK case study

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We definitely know our stuff - one of our team members, Craig, has even written a book about iBeacons.

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