UX design

Understanding your user and their behaviour, then applying that knowledge, is key to the success of your digital product.


Our UX design process implements a five day sprint encompassing research, prototyping, user-testing and feedback- based upon the Google Ventures process.

This process is perfect for breaking down internal politics, solving difficult design decisions and lets you build and test any idea in 40 hours.

Step 1: research & strategy

At this stage, we don’t talk about requirements and deliverables, instead we focus on the problems that you want to resolve.

We frame your vision by defining the problems; we build and validate assumptions, create user personas that reflect your actual (or desired) customers and then solve their problems.

Solving problems digitally is what we do - you can refer to those solutions as ‘features’ if you like.

Step 2: collaborative UI design

Our process is collaborative; it brings designers and non designers together in co-creation. We combine teams (yours and ours) via sketching exercises, open conversation and rapid prototyping to make key design decisions.

We believe that time is better spent on iterations over deliberation AKA let’s do it and see rather than question whether we should.

We don’t mind prototyping with paper, scissors and pencils. Once we’ve nailed the simple problems through iterations we can concentrate on the more complex issues with simple clickable wireframes before nailing it with tools like Invision.

STEP 3: User-testing, feedback & research

No product is ever perfect and even when it’s close, opinions change over time. We work on a principle of continuous, collaborative discovery. Once your MVP is launched we use a combination of A/B tests, surveys, observations and plain old conversation to monitor and improve the user experience and also develop the priority for new features based on valuable feedback.

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