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Creating bespoke virtual reality games and experiences

We design and develop bespoke VR games and experiences for our clients. These solutions can be used to increase brand awareness, engagement or for in-store entertainment. They are the perfect addition to any marketing campaign.

Developing Virtual Reality experiences

We create amazingly immersive VR experiences for our clients. Take UK Greetings for example; we created a 3D world for one of their main characters, Boofle. The aim of the Virtual Reality experience was to market the character at an event and attract large crowds. The experience was created for the HTC Vive, as the controllers allowed the experience to be interactive and extremely immersive. 

Virtual Reality game developers 

We also design and develop Virtual Reality games. VR games can also be the perfect addition to any marketing campaign as they are as immersive as VR experiences but they can also add the extra element of competition. Not only do we create brand new bespoke VR games, we have also developed a football header game for the Oculus Rift. This game could be used at your next event with your company's branding added to the Virtual World to promote your company within the game.

Mixed reality games and experiences

Mixed reality (also known as hybrid reality) is the combination of the real world and the virtual world. Using a VR headset, a green-screen, a camera and a TV monitor we can set up an amazing mixed reality experience. This allows the delegates to not only enter a virtual world but for crowds to also see exactly what that VR world looks like, with the VR user within the world, on the monitor.

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